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Non-Discrimination Policy

Discrimination still occurs in our industry where we work with many different nationalities and cultures. As an international project services organisation specialising in high-level interim management and project support, Mansource takes a firm stand against any form of prejudice. 

Although our team of professionals, with decades of global experience, aims to adhere to our core values - durable partnerships, involvement and flexibility - individuals may at times unwittingly and unintentionally exercise substandard judgement.

Recently, we were guilty of doing so. We had assumed that only candidates born in the EU would be eligible for a certain position. Based on this, we rejected Mr Zaidi's application, as his place of birth was outside of the EU. 

Although any discrimination was unintentional, we recognise that such a condition is discriminatory by nature and may have significantly impacted the candidate concerned. 

We have apologised to Mr Zaidi in person and would also like to share this apology publicly. 

To help uncover any forms of (inadvertent) discrimination within our organisation, we have approached the Vizier foundation, which fights against prejudice and diversity, to provide us with sensitivity and awareness training. Mansource is proud to support leading international organisations and help talented individuals find new challenges around the world. However, as a company, we are also learning every day. 

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